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"The Pacific Pearl course is more than a weight loss program. It's a blueprint for lifelong disease prevention and good health!"

- Pamela Potenzo, Indio, CA


35 In Depth Videos

We've based our 6 Pearls of sustainable weight loss on the best, proven principles of integrative, naturopathic, and functional medicine. Every Pearl is backed by published research and our own clinical successes.

Clear Action Steps Each Week

Within the program, you will find clear action steps each week. Featuring lesson summaries, meal plans, exercise programs, and more.

Tools & Resources

Gain access to useful tools and resources that help guide your decision making and make it easier to follow through with the recommendations provided. 

Personalized Meal Plans

Receive a personalized meal plan for you based on body weight and food preference that meets your needs and keeps you satisfied. 


Easy To Use Platform

Easy-to-use platform that allows you to take advantage of this program from anywhere, all in one place, and on your own schedule.  Accessible through mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. 


In Home Workout Plans

Enjoy weekly home workout plans with fully animated demonstrations. Workout from home with a complete set of resistance band exercises.


Your Personalized Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator

Enter your unique details and daily energy expenditure to get the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight. Taking in fewer calories than this number while maintaining or increasing energy expenditure should result in weight loss. Simple!

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"Pacific Pearl Weight Loss course lessons were comprehensive, practical, useful and easy for me to understand. Dr. Pedi's enthusiasm was contagious!" 

- Marti Meiners, Rancho Santa Fe, CA



All The Tools You Need To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

In a meta-analysis of 29 long-term weight loss studies, more than half of the lost weight was regained within two years, and by five years more than 80% of lost weight was regained.* When you get access to the best, evidence-based tools from 4 medical disciplines--conventional, integrative, functional, and naturopathic---you better establish new habits that stick. 

* National Center for Biotechnology Information

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An Integrative Approach To Healthy And Sustainable Weight Loss. Presented By Pacific Pearl La Jolla.

This program was designed to combat the misinformation in the realms of weight loss, and provide our students a holistic approach to create lasting change in both their body and mind. 

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The 6 Pearls of Sustained Weight Loss

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be going into each of these 6 pearls. You will become aware of the factors that matter most to achieving sustained weight loss and how to overcome each hurdle. This step-by-step process draws on proven, practical strategies derived not only from conventional medicine, but integrative, naturopathic, and functional medical approaches.

Nutrition & Hydration

Here, you will receive your personalized nutrition plan and learn about the key nutrition factors and best practices to lose weight while still nourishing your body. Enjoy lots of added resources in this pearl. 

Exercise & Movement

Each week will feature a different workout program that easily integrates into your daily routine. Here we will pull back the curtain on your metabolism and discuss how to optimize your bodies natural cycles.

Sleep & Restoration

Restful sleep each night is one of the most malnourished pearls in the majority of peoples lives. Here we will discuss the keys to optimizing sleep, and the correlation between disruptive sleep and weight gain.

Digestion & Reducing Inflammation

Learn the little-known methods to revamp your digestive system and gut health. Gain a clear understanding of your microbiome and receive specific action steps to protect long-term digestive health. 

Toxins & Detoxification

The fuel you put into your body will determine how well it performs. In this pearl, you will learn the sources of toxins, their relationship to weight loss, and how to support your body's native detox pathways. 

Mental & Emotional Factors

Stress and weight gain are directly correlated. Gain the tools and awareness to increase your body's resilience to stress. Learn the processes and understanding to change your habits and create long lasting change. 

Access To 30+ Action Oriented Classes

With over 3 hours of powerful video lessons, and over 60 lessons total, including everything you need to lose weight the right way, and keep it off. 

  • Organized in an easy to follow phase progression
  • Master each pearl at your own pace
  • Always have clarity over precisely what you need to do
  • Never feel lost or overwhelmed again
  • Interactive worksheets to get the most out of every phase
  • Weekly home resistance band workouts with demonstrations
  • Bi-weekly meal plans personalized to you

A 12-Week Online Program Designed For You To Succeed. 

Take control of your health today with a step by step program, based on scientific evidence and backed by clinical experience.

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